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News from Bertil

from Bertil Falk

Old-timers will be glad to receive the latest news from an old friend.

For new-timers, Bertil Falk joined the Bewildering community 14 years ago, in 2006. One gazes in wonder upon his BwS bibliography of prose fiction, translations, poetry and reviews. In retirement, Bertil enjoys the status of Review Editor emeritus.

Hi Don,

I am in quarantine. My daughters and grandchildren take care of me. Sunny days we can meet in my big garden. I am well but tired and have a couple of minor problems related to age.

Ever since my Feroze biography was published in India, I have experienced a kind of emptiness and I have not written anything after returning to Sweden in January 2018.

Then all of a sudden, this explosion of books!!!

I want to tell you that 20 of my short stories at Bewildering Stories have been published in a collection in English, and BwS is given credit. I want to send a copy to you, but I cannot find your slow-mail address.

Secondly, one of my stories at BwS has been translated from English to Tagalog and published in an anthology in Manila.

Thirdly, and more Swedish than English and of less importance for you, is the strange fact that my lifelong work on a literary history of Swedish science fiction since the 17th century is all of a sudden being published in three volumes. The two first volumes are being printed and published this summer, and the third is supposed be published this autumn.


[Don Webb} Surrounded by generations of family in a summer garden in Sweden, seeing your works crowned by publication... Bertil, what are you sending us: a postcard from Heaven? I rather think that this is what real life is supposed to look like. And I know all your old friends at Bewildering Stories will be delighted to hear the news.

But, as you say, something eerie has transpired in communications. Your e-mail from doesn’t reach me at, and mine doesn’t reach you. And neither of us gets “bounce notices.” We shall see what can be done to resolve this mystery. Our thanks to our friend and colleague, the esteemed author and master indexer Michael E. Lloyd, for acting as interim postmaster.

If old friends — or new ones — would like to send you messages, I’ll share your e-mail address with them privately and hope for the best. Meanwhile, as we like to say, keep up the good work!

Responses welcome!

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