Bewildering Stories

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by Susan Gibb

I want, I want, to dance on Mars
Sans silver suit and flesh within;
My being alone to revel
In surrealistic splendor.

To look back and laugh at spinning ball,
Where left behind and buried lies
Useless and discarded
Yet another mask I’ve worn.

My many lives now intertwine
To give me much to chat about,
Beside celestial cocktail friends
And strangers I have known.

A man called Poe speaks of his fields
Of flowers and the toil it took,
And there, it looks like...
Sure it is! It’s Jesus wearing black.

A decade’s flash and I am gone
And in a dark and padded place,
Hunted down, assaulted by
The other half of me.

I change and grow, but quicker still
I lose all time and memory,
Except for this refrain that beats,
"Remember to be kinder."

Traveling down a golden road
Made slick with blood of some sweet fool,
I’m free again; I gasp with life
And scream in recognition.

Copyright © 2004 by Susan M. Gibb

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