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North Wind and Sun

by Stephen Ellams

My lover urges...

Be less like the North Wind

A storm is arising
In the nimbus of your silence
A black-eyed precursor
To a full-blown deluge

Once you were prolific
My romantic hero
Byron-clad northern lad
But since the ides of July
Your effort has been token

Now the intimacy we once shared
Has been cut by a crosswind
Of impatience and dismay
At my passive nature

Exposing fresh doubts and fears
About our future together
And incompatibility
A far cry from the shimmering
Of your sunshine policy

Unreceptive I shall be
There’s no truce with your fury
Just the turning of a bathroom key
While you think this over

Be more like the Sun

True passion is not bluster
It draws strength from its own virtue
Born of simple acts of kindness
Only love can dispel anger

So strip me of my scarlet cloak
With a gentle solar whisper
Honour the divine feminine
Boy in return I shall worship you
As the Solstice approaches

Bring back my blue skies
Air impromptu lines of poetry
Alleviate the loneliness
That threatens to consume me

For as sensitive as I sometimes am
Vulnerable to cosmic forces
A Capricorn who digs her heels in
Come kiss me into the only bliss
I have known since I was nineteen

For here I stand before you
Hesitant with humility
Please accept this is who I am
Promise to always love me

Copyright © 2020 by Stephen Ellams

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