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Creative Destruction

by Bill Kowaleski

Creative Destruction: synopsis

Creative Destruction is a sequel to the novel Brighter Than the Stars, in which Earthlings meet technologically advanced space aliens. The Cygnians come only to do business, but their schemes to sell fusion-powered generators become contentious and competitive.

Many human and alien characters return from the previous novel, including Jim McDermott and his team, who try to reduce the risk of societal upheaval that the new technologies threaten. Meanwhile, many different groups are either plotting to steal the technical advances for their own purposes or trying to destroy it and drive the Cygnians off of Earth.

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Chapter 17: Jason and Miles Connect

Miles was bored. The Men’s Room wasn’t all that full for a Friday night, and the selection was, well, thin. He’d positioned himself against the wall, leaning seductively, holding a bourbon and water, a thumb stuck in the front pocket of his uncomfortably tight jeans. From his spot he could see the entry door clearly, and, given the hopeless selection already inside, his eyes never moved away from it. The repulsive, deafening throb from huge speakers mounted on all four walls was quickly driving him to a decision.

Five more minutes, he thought, and then it’s back to the Hyatt.

The door jumped open, allowing the chilly west wind to refresh once again the stifling air of the bar. A young, slender, very handsome man entered.

Wow! Miles eyes widened as he studied the guy who slowly sauntered counterclockwise around the rectangular bar. This one had everything he liked: about his height, youthful, symmetrical face, thick long hair, confident demeanor, narrow waist, perfect ass. A star. He had to grab this one before someone else did.

His dream guy surveyed the possibilities as he walked. His head slowly turned until his roving eyes discovered Miles. He stopped, his eyes locked onto Miles’ and his face lit up in a heart-melting smile. With three long steps he closed the distance between them. “Well, hello! You definitely look like the pick of the place tonight.”

Miles’ heart was racing. This was too good to be true! “I’d say that honor belongs to you.”

“Well,” the newcomer said, “what good does that do me? I hardly plan to go home with myself. I can do that any time.”

“I can’t imagine you going home alone very often. I’m Miles, by the way.”

“Jason. A genuine pleasure, Miles. You’re not from Chicago, are you?”

“No, I suppose my accent seems pretty strong to you. I’m from West Virginia. You local, Jason?”

“Not really, but I guess this is home for now.”

“I’d love to buy you a drink,” said Miles.

“Very kind of you to offer, but I’m not one of those leeches you meet in places like this. I like to pay my own way.”

Now Miles was even more impressed. “Nothing I like more than a man who takes care of himself.”

“Same here, Miles. You know, I’m getting the feeling we have some things in common.”

“Well, I hope so.”

Jason squeezed his prey’s hand, stepped closer, brushed his lips against Miles’, then stage-whispered in his ear, “Let’s go someplace quieter and find out just how much we really have in common.”

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Copyright © 2019 by Bill Kowaleski

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