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Challenge 855


  1. In Richard Ong’s Little Soul Mates, what mistake does the teacher make in her view of Tess and Miko?

  2. In Charles C. Cole’s Collector’s Items:

    1. Aside from general shape, how is the “recycling” figure portrayed as human?
    2. Why does the old man take a dismissive attitude toward his tattoo?
    3. If life is “recycled,” what does it become? How does the emanation of life from a body have the same property as matter?
    4. Is the narrator’s and the old man’s vision mystical or naturalistic?
  3. In Jen Sexton-Riley’s Whatever Happened to Spider Monkey?:

    1. After overcoming his fear of falling, why does Florio decide to jump? What is his tragic flaw?
    2. How might Riya’s role in the story be made to appear less incidental?
  4. In Mike Sharlow’s The Bus Stop:

    1. To whom does Mick shift the blame for his hot temper? Does the person appear in the story?
    2. Aside from cutting in line, what are Mick’s motives for striking Don?
    3. Does Mick learn anything from his experience?

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