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Some Little Bug

by Lee Hart

In these days of covid virus
There are those who would inspire us
On what to touch, and what to leave alone.
Now these words of governance
Are designed to make some sense,
But watch out for phone-atics on your phone.

Some little bug will get you,
Oh yes, some little bug will catch you.
Some little bug will get you by and by.
Every virus and bacillus
Is working hard to kill us,
So careful with your health, or you could die.

Hoarding guns and toilet paper
Isn’t going to make you safer,
So wash your hands and stay at home in bed.
Just like a cold or flu,
There’s nothing you can do,
So stick to what your mommy always said.

That party sure sounds nice,
But please take my advice.
This is a better time to stay at home.
Say, “No, thanks, I’ll see you later”
Or you’ll need a ventilator.
And if it fails, you’ll fertilize the loam.

You think none will be the wiser
If you skip the sanitizer,
Or wipe your mouth and nose upon your cuff.
But I’m a-gonna bet ya,
That if this virus gets ya,
Your relatives will carry off your stuff.

But it’s not all unpleasant,
For free time is a present.
Improve your life and home a little bit.
Don’t listen to the crazies,
Or you’ll wind up pushing daisies.
Just play it safe, and make the best of it!

Copyright © 2020 by Lee Hart

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