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Challenge 849


  1. In Natan Dubovitsky’s Near Zero, Chapter 12, the first paragraph says that Sara is a real person; the Chief (Igor) implies that she is an android. Does the distinction seem to make any difference to Yegor? Proceed to the Challenge Response...

  2. In Bill Kowaleski’s Creative Destruction, Miles Steps In: What narrative techniques satirize Maria Schoenbrun’s motivation in organizing resistance movements?

  3. In James Robert Rudolph’s To Glide Past, which classical topos does the poem illustrate: memento mori, sic transit gloria, or tempus fugit?

  4. In Hattie Dove’s Two Can Keep a Secret, what might the painting be that Lucy has stashed behind the loveseat in the attic? How might it have given her the idea to poison her grandfather’s stew?

  5. In Scott Coon’s Enduring Winter:

    1. Where is Nate’s settlement located? Caribou are its primary source of food. Can caribou survive in a semi-glaciated habitat rather than on tundra?
    2. For what reason has Mr. Torres come to Nate’s settlement?
    3. Why might Nate find the orbiting space station poorly defended and at least partially disabled?

Responses welcome!

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