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Windsor and Oakes, 1943

by Robin Helweg-Larsen

Edward, ex-king, pro-Nazi, was sent out
To the Bahamas for the War’s duration.
As Governor of our well-mixed-race nation
He joked with blacks but liked white rule and clout.
The wealthy Bay Street Boys, all white, agreed.

But one combative multimillionaire
Felt equal pay for non-whites would be fair.
Canadian Harry Oakes disliked white greed.
Oakes pumped in cash for land, built an airport,
Bought a hotel, hired coloured management,
Then fought the U.S. Mob’s gambling intent.

Still, Bay Street had the Governor’s support.
Oakes wouldn’t change his mind, and he got killed.
Edward prevented justice. Whites were thrilled.

Copyright © 2020 by Robin Helweg-Larsen

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