Issue 828

Readers’ Guide: What’s in Issue 828

Novel L. S. Popovich, Echoes From Dust
Chapter 52: Balance
Wes Blalock, Tears for Lucifer, part 1; part 2; conclusion
Miriam E. Neiberg, From Hand to Hand
Jason Powell, On Top of Everything, part 1; conclusion
James Rumpel, High-Stakes Testing, part 1; conclusion
Poetry Bill Bowler, He Gobbled Up the Minutes
Mike Acker, Ex
Memoir Richard LeBlond, Tea with the Grizzlies


Welcome Bewildering Stories introduces and welcomes...
Challenge Challenge 828: Pass-Fail Tests
The Art
Richard Ong, Gladiatrix

A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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