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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 827

Then and Back

  1. In Gary Clifton’s Wayward Dogs:

    1. Why is the location not named?
    2. Why does the story end with Officer Dunagan carrying terrible news to Michelle?
    3. Why can the story be considered a modern parable?
  2. In Ralph E. Shaffer’s That Incident at Connellsburg:

    1. Why does Ilse go to great lengths to explain away Rick’s story of old Connellsburg and Lisa?
    2. Does the ending overstep our “dream story” guideline?
  3. In L. S. Popovich’s Trust, why might Remera run away at the end of her conversation with Riku?

  4. In Gary Inbinder’s My Deepest Thoughts, the narrator’s deepest thoughts are also the darkest. What might your deepest thoughts be? Might they also incite riots?

  5. In L. L. Asher’s Julie’s Tree:

    1. What is the function of Tony? Why does he remain offstage? Would omitting the character make any substantial change in the story?
    2. Why does Amber disbelieve her sister Julie’s mistrust of Jack?
    3. What detail proves to Amber that Jack has committed the double murder that she discovers?
    4. Do you think the depiction of violence oversteps Bewildering Stories’ admonition against gratuitous blood and gore?

Responses welcome!

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