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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 822

Beating the Ambushes

  1. In L. S. Popovich’s Truth, who showed Riku the necklace relic, and when? Did it have the same effect on Riku as on Telos?

  2. In L. S. Engler’s The Wartburg Incident, what causes the Devil to withdraw from Martin Luther’s study?

  3. In Heather Hunt’s When the Spanish Ladies Sing, how likely is it that the bathtub water would evaporate within five days? Even if it drained slowly, might the crime scene investigation not find some clues in the bathtub?

  4. In Gary Clifton’s Freddy’s Diner:

    1. What is the real purpose of Emma Sue’s gloves?
    2. Why does Emma Sue not shoot the two thugs immediately, once she knows who they are?
  5. In J. H. Zech’s Deception’s Truth:

    1. Are two first-person narrators necessary? Could the story be told from a single point of view?
    2. Is the appearance of the little girl, April, plausible within the time constraints given in the narrative?
  6. In Edward Ahern’s Late Night Snowfall:

    1. Why must the snowfall come as a surprise?
    2. What is the significance of the locked front door?
  7. In Robb White’s Adam’s Pandemonium:

    1. How likely is it that Adam’s 9-iron can break a skull without also breaking its shaft? Caution: attempt this experiment at a police station, not at home.
    2. What does Adam do unbeknownst to himself? What is the dramatic function of a character who acts unconsciously?

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