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Challenge 81

Speaking of models...

  1. No one has qualified for first prize in the Challenge 80 contest: to identify the model of Toby Wallis’s “The Artificer.” The contest is still open for second prize: write and tell us what you think the first unmistakable clue — or combination of clues — to the model of “The Artificer” might be. The contest closes on Saturday midnight (your time) at the end of the run of this issue.
  2. Thomas R.’s alternate-history articles have become a staple of Bewildering Stories. His third profile of a semi-immortal, Willem Van Leeuwen, appears in “Anti-Geria,” in this issue.

    Using Thomas R.’s premise in “Anti-Geria,” write us a biographical sketch of a semi-immortal person.

    Long live your character! And let the good times roll.

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