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What’s in Issue 81


Julian Lawler shows how “The City” comes to be under siege in chapter 4 of The Prophet of Dreams: “Seal The City.”


Toby Wallis continues his horror fantasy, “The Artificer.” Dot and her two companions undertake a journey, but will they let her live to tell the tale or just use her as a convenient guide and then dispense with her?

Michael J A Tyzuk continues the epic saga of Moonshadow as his hero prepares to go on a rescue mission in part 1 of “Take the Helena.”

Short Story

New contributor Tonya Snyder begins the story of a “foundling” boy who has connections with Camelot in “The Heart of a Boy.”

Alternate History

Thomas R.’s “Anti-Geria” presents the third profile of a semi-immortal: a Dutch science fiction fan!


Want to meet a real, live publisher? Eric S. Brown interviews Stephanie D. Weidner, the owner and editor of Silver Lake Publishing, a small press specializing in science fiction, fantasy and horror. She gives us lots of insights from the point of view of both writers and publishers.


Kevin Ahearn sends us a guest editorial. Since we at Bewildering Stories think our contributors’ efforts ought to be recognized, one of our editors has added his own essay to complement Kevin’s. Our readers are encouraged to join in the discussion of “Writing Beyond the Sky.”


In Times to Come

In issue 82, A new contributor, Susan Jane, brings us the story of a little girl who has a favorite pair of earmuffs; she clings to them desperately for reasons almost no one else can perceive. Thomas R. will present his fourth “Anti-Geria” profile; it features the longest-lived of all the semi-immortals. Michael J A Tyzuk continues his space epic, and Michelle will play an ever bigger role in it.

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