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Rites of Spring

by Ed Blundell

Round and round the Maypole,
Round and round we dance,
Singing the ancient songs,
Till we seem in a trance.

All the world seems different,
Secret, magic, fey,
Round and round the Maypole,
On this Easter day.

Dance across the meadow,
Singing as we go,
Something’s going to happen,
What we do not know.

Down into the woodland,
All so bright and gay,
The elders are there waiting
For the Queen of May.

Singing still we take her,
Lay her on the pyre,
Joining hands we dance around
As they light the fire.

No, she isn’t singing,
Now she screams in fear,
We sing loud and louder,
Easter time is here.

Goddess, great Eostra,
Take this gift we bring,
We burn the Easter maiden
To summon in the Spring.

Copyright © 2019 by Ed Blundell

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