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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 803

Unintended Causes

  1. In Ed Blundell’s Ley Lines, what are “ley lines”? Are they straight lines, which can be determined by any two points, or are they segments of great circles on the earth’s surface? Do they represent science or superstition?

  2. In Arthur Jackson’s Jupiter Street, who shoots whom, and why?

  3. In Sam M. Phillips’ Artificial Man:

    1. Judging by certain internal elements of the prose style, what might have been the original form of the story?
    2. Why does the monster hug the Apprentice?
    3. What existential philosopy or even religion might the story represent?
  4. In Michael R. Burch’s translation of Paul Celan’s O, Little Root of a Dream:

    1. “Enmire” is a neologism. What other word or expression might the translator have used?
    2. Who is “you”?
    3. Paul Celan knew several languages in addition to German. In which was the poem originally written? Bonus Challenge: Can you find the original anywhere on the Internet?
  5. In Ellen Tremiti’s Don’t Worry, Little Sis:

    1. How does the narrator know that Jimmy wrote the threat on the school desk, which caused Michael to be expelled?
    2. In view of the purpose of Michael’s midnight excursions, do his parents treat him as you would expect?
    3. Are the “devil” images of Michael’s parents to be taken literally or figuratively? With what is Michael injecting his parents? Does it seem to be effective or not?

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