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with Michael E. Lloyd

On the occasion of the 800th Issue of Bewildering Stories, I want to pay tribute to Don Webb for his unstinting devotion to this remarkable magazine throughout its unbroken run of almost seventeen years, to remember Jerry Wright and his own passion for the grand project, and to applaud the selfless work of every other BwS editor and collaborator, past and present. Bravo to one and all!!


Thank you, Mike!

And now, for the benefit of later generations of readers and editors: Michael E. Lloyd’s words are all the more appreciated for his own contributions to Bewildering Stories. His Observation novels and others, whose covers regularly appear on our home page with links to information at Bewildering Press, mark a significant era in our literary publication.

But that is where Mike began. Over the years, he made often subtle but important contributions to our format. And we strive to this day to emulate the standard he set by proofreading every issue, week in and week out, for many years. In retirement, Mike has generously maintained his Titles, Authors, Genres Index as the complete guide to Bewildering Stories. Your Managing Editor gratefully refers to it every day!

We like to encourage contributors by saying “Keep up the good work.” Mike has shown us what good work is!

Don Webb
Managing Editor
Bewildering Stories

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date Copyright March 11, 2019 by Bewildering Stories

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