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What’s in Issue 80


Julian Lawler depicts the youth of three major characters in chapter 3 of The Prophet of Dreams, “Three Young Wolves.”


Deep Bora concludes “Pluto’s Second Moon.” The extraterrestrials have sent a confusing weather report: the rivers will run dry, and there will be flooding, with extensive climate change.

Toby Wallis begins a horror fantasy, “The Artificer.” It’s modeled on a classic of popular mythology. Can you guess what the model is?

Short Stories

The Invincible Spud returns after a long and, for him, productive absence. As a kind of New Year’s greeting card, Spud sends us “Six Characters in Search of a Plot.” Has Pirandello been on his reading lists? Will Spud specialize in chaos theory? Stay tuned...


In Times to Come

In issue 81, Thomas R. continues his “Anti-Geria” profiles with the third of four. A new contributor, Tonya Snyder, has the beginning of an Arthurian fantasy story about a young “foundling” boy. Michael J A Tyzuk continues his space epic. Eric S. Brown interviews Stephanie Weidner, head of Silver Lake Publishing.

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