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Bewildering Stories

Space Explorer

by Richard Ong

This artwork is a mix-media composition of acrylic paint, fine glitter and gravel over a canvas. Tube-based acrylic paint was used to create texture on the spacecraft, the belt of icy rocks around it and on the two asteroids above and below the ship.

Acrylic ink was used (wet-on-wet) over the tube-based variety to blend in other colours and create a smoother surface. Fine glitter was sprinkled around the spacecraft and over the ice belt. The wet paint served as adhesive to adhere the glitter to the canvas.

Fine gravel was used to cover the freshly painted surface of the asteroids to give it a rock-like surface. The finished product was later digitally enhanced using a mobile app called PhotoWizard (for IOS).

Copyright © 2019 by Richard Ong

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