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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 796

Shoo, Fly. Fly!

  1. In Robin Helweg-Larsen’s Mosquitoes, what hidden assumptions does the poem make? Do you agree with them?

  2. In Max Christopher’s Succorbus, does the story fall into the genre of romance, fantasy, revenge fantasy or all three?

  3. In Gordon Sun’s Right to Live: What ecological and economic hardships are depicted in the story? What country or countries may currently have those very problems? How might they be remedied or avoided?

  4. In Channie Greenberg’s Rubbernecking from Bus Stops, decipher the encryption by finding allegorical referents for the common nouns. Can you find more than one coherent system?

  5. In Bethany Cardwell’s Emma and the Mermaid, explain the characters’ family lineage.

  6. In Douglas Young’s Do You Still Think of Me?, would you punctuate the sentences differently?

Responses welcome!

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