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Challenge 794

Unvaried Menus

  1. In Mark J. Kevlock’s The Two-Way Window: In what way can the story be read as a satire of social media?

  2. In Noel Denvir’s Last Night I Dreamt of Rebecca: How does the title echo Daphne DuMaurier’s novel Rebecca?

  3. In Janel Brubaker’s The Cavern of Serpents:

    1. What becomes of Medusa, a.k.a. Python?
    2. Phoebe concludes with the determination to “kill a god.” How is she going to do it? And who is she thinking of?
  4. In E. J. Pace’s A Day at the Circus;

    1. How many automobiles does Olga own?
    2. Is Danny right or wrong to defend himself against Fred?
    3. Olga is annoyed that Danny has been eating so much. What inadvertent humor can be found in her indignation?
  5. In Robin Helweg-Larsen’s Earth Competition: Does the poem accurately characterize Darwin’s concept of evolution? If so, what would be the only species living on land? In the sea?

  6. In Tom Sheehan’s Techniques of the Blind:

    1. What eras of U.S. military history are evoked by various details in the story?
    2. What novels does Jack Derrick prefer?
    3. Why does Armand commit suicide? Why does Jack not do so?
    4. Does the story even implicitly denounce any particular political or social viewpoint in the present-day U.S.? What does it really do?

Responses welcome!

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