Bewildering Stories

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by Jerry Wright

Well, ol' George has gone and done it. Yep, our president is talking about something guaranteed to warm the little cockles of SF fans everywhere. He's talking about putting a permanent manned base on the moon, and manned missions to Mars. I have nothing against Iraq, (especially now that Saddam is gone), but I would really rather see our money being spent on Space. Now, of course, there are always whiners who say that the money would be better spent here at home, but in reality, where IS the money spent? Well, here at home, of course. Nobody is taking a satchel of money to the Moon to buy Moonhatten Island from the Selenites for $24.00, or even $24,000,000.

George's Daddy also talked about investing in Space Projects, but nothing came of it, especially after losing out on a second term. Now, if we can just pension off all the NASA "nattering nabobs", and keep any funding away from the bureaucrats (like, yeah, sure, that's gonna happen...) perhaps in the next 10 or so years, we might see these things happen. If it does, it will be joyful, but, as someone once said, "Truly a bewildering story!"

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