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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 785

Now You See It, Don’t

  1. In Matthew Harrison’s Blockchain World:

    1. Private, extra-legal currency was common in the U.S. in the early 20th century. What disadvantages caused it to go out of use?
    2. Does the poem extol the merits of cryptocurrency or is the poem sarcastic?
  2. In Matthew D. Saeman’s Dog Eat Dog, which character or characters might be real and which might be hallucinations?

  3. In Ronald Schulte’s Creative Differences:

    1. What is the prime target of satire in the story?
    2. When Laser Baby shoots the real authors, the authors and their characters all vanish. Why don’t the authors remain?
  4. In Sacha Moore’s That Thing With Feathers:

    1. About how old is Tabitha? What are Tabitha’s ideal priorities for herself?
    2. What are Gloria’s faults? What are the faults of the men she dates unsuccessfully? Are she and Tabitha an ideal match for any of them?
    3. At what point does Doug become too good to be true?

Responses welcome!

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