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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 781

Trip or Treat

  1. In Robin Helweg-Larsen’s Distance, the poem raises questions:

    1. Is distance in time similar to distance in space?
    2. Is spatial distance in time determined by the speed of light or by the velocity of the Earth and the Solar System?
  2. In Gregg Dotoli’s Grace Gifts, what clearly oversteps BwS’ guideline concerning “inspirational and religious literature”?

  3. In Leslie Burton-López’s Baggage:

    1. Maggie has lost her mother. Does her father leave her at home alone when he goes out? Is Maggie’s father even aware of “Aunt Peggy”?
    2. Peggy tutors Maggie in ways of dealing with future crises. At age 25 or 26, a new crisis occurs in Peggy’s life. What does it seem to be?
    3. If Maggie suddenly dies or is incapacitated, how can an “Aunt Peggy” go back and warn her? Is the Maggie at the end of the story the same one as at the beginning, or are both she and Peggy in a different timeline?
  4. In Channie Greenberg’s A Bear Walked Into a Bar:

    1. List the different fairytales the story alludes to.
    2. How does the story link those fairytales with the theme of male-female relationships and their outcomes?

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