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Allotted Time

by Mike Acker

I forgot, is it twilight then dusk,
or is it the other way around?
It must be dusk first. Twilight
has to be the more mysterious
one, leading us into night.

I am now a dusk of sorts, I can
still recall everything, almost.
When I walk, my posture is solid,
yet off. I feel clarity with foggy patches.
Dusk can still claim the day.

Then when I am twilight that will be
my event horizon, that point of no
return, when, whatever I do to radiate,
will only blur what I am, by then old,
like an end of day.

I will likely have two choices: be brave,
or chant the Dylan Thomas mantra,
become the fool, and turn my face away
from that night, that dark, dark night and
walk backwards into my allotted time.

Copyright © 2018 by Mike Acker

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