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Challenge 764

Travel Time

  1. In Robin Helweg-Larsen’s Sly Reality, what is a “karass”?

  2. In Phil Temples’ Paying It Backwards, discuss the implicit socio-political aspects from at least two viewpoints in current U.S. society.

  3. In Mark Joseph Kevlock’s The Difficult I’ll Do Right Now:

    1. In what ways are the two characters opposites?
    2. What does the title mean? What word does “right” modify? What is “difficult”?
  4. In Edward Ahern’s Not Playing Nice:

    1. Has Gordon used his magical cane on a previous occasion?
    2. How does Gordon know where the head witch’s hideout is?
    3. In what previous chapters has Horace Wittson appeared?
  5. In Bill Bowler’s translation of Vladislav Surkov’s The Loneliness of the Half-Blood:

    1. “[Surkov] proposed and implemented the concept of sovereign democracy in Russia.” — What is “sovereign democracy”? How does it differ from other forms of democracy?
    2. What is the meaning of “half-blood”? What would “full-blooded” mean by Surkov’s definition? Is Surkov’s half-blood lonely by necessity or choice?

  6. Responses welcome!

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