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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 752

Not Just a Cigar

  1. In Oonah V. Joslin’s “King of the Moss”:

    1. What seems to be meant by “lost / to arrogance”?
    2. How does the poem relate to the the author’s “The Case of the Heslington Brain”?
  2. In Alison McBain’s review of Paul Beckman’s Kiss Kiss:

    1. What appears to be Paul Beckman’s flash fiction word limit? What is Bewildering Stories’ limit?
    2. How might writers benefit from consulting Kiss Kiss? Cite at least two ways.
  3. In Edward Ahern’s “Playing the Mark”:

    1. What does the title “Playing the Mark” mean? In what way might it be equivocal?
    2. How does Gordon Lormor appear to feel about the items he peddles?
    3. How is Gordon’s relationship to AJ defined?
    4. Who might Judith be?
  4. In Loren W. Cooper’s “His Other Face”:

    1. What is the role of the regard ( ‘look’ or ‘gaze’) in characterization and communication?
    2. What is the “Carver Bill,” exactly? What is it supposed to do? Why has it been controversial?
  5. In Tom Crowley’s “Death Diminishes”:

    1. What problem do Dr. Everston and his wife, Pam, seem to have? Why might Everston not “confront” her?
    2. Does Andy have any illusions about how his wife, Liz, feels about him? Does Liz stand any realistic chance of collecting on her husband’s life insurance in the even of suicide?
    3. How do Dr. Everston and Andy deal with a problem they both have, namely loneliness?
    4. Do Andy’s two options actually constitute virtual suicide? In what way is Andy’s addiction a kind of “Tar Baby” dilemma? In what way does the story take the form of a classical tragedy?
    5. What does the story tell the readers about psychiatric practice and drug-addiction therapy?

Responses welcome!

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