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What Do You Know, My Dear?

by Dhruvi Modi

What do you know, my dear?
The world calmly asks you:
“How does this thing work?”
or “Why does this thing happen?”
And, after that, perhaps you think
that you are above the other person?
This shows how much exactly you know.

You don’t know how to control the thing
when it is at its worst.
When you know that it is going to take your life
when it hits you
and, despite knowing everything about it,
you won’t able to stop it.
My dear, do you now know how to save yourself?
Do you know how to predict the unpredictable,
attain the unattainable?

Do you possess a fire in your heart to prove them wrong?
To show the world that you really can predict or attain
or stop or gain anything you want?
Maybe not today, but someday you will be able
to conquer their doubts and answer their question,
which would win their hearts for science and truth
and, in so doing,
make them proud of what you know.
Then they, themselves, will say to others:
“How much you know, my dear?”

Copyright © 2017 by Dhruvi Modi

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