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Challenge 744

  1. In Gary Clifton’s “Gorillo Lightfeather, Nose Guard,” does the story satirize participants in muscle sports such as football and professional wrestling? Or does it satirize a warped view of the sports themselves?

  2. In Paul Alex Gray’s “Respawn”:

    1. How can the reader infer early on that the narrator is a video-game avatar?
    2. The narrator sometimes feels disoriented, but does it ever feel pain?
    3. What does the circular ending imply about the meaning of the action?
  3. In Donna Hole’s “Laughing at Butterflies”:

    1. Is the story set in North America? If so, who were the only European settlers on the continent in the 16th century, aside from the Lost Colony? And where were they located?
    2. Careen promises Gavin a boon — i.e. a favor — if he complies with her wishes. What, if anything, does she give him?
  4. In David Adès’ “The Big Picture”:

    1. When have human beings ever thought alike? Does the poem suggest a particular vision or objective of any kind?
    2. If Earth is considered “inconsequential,” what consequences might ensue?
  5. In Dhruvi Modi’s “What Do You Know, My Dear?”:

    1. How does the poem use contradictions? To what effect?
    2. What does the poem imply about attitudes toward science?
    3. The poem seems to suggest tensions concerning such things as knowledge and certainty. Can you think of examples?
    4. What does “my dear” mean? Is it an expression of friendship or is it condescending? Keep in mind that the idiom may not mean the same thing in different countries.

Responses welcome!

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