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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 736

Tongue Got Your Cat?

  1. In Morris J. Marshall’s “Consultations”:

    1. Is Krista wise to confide so candidly in Jenny? How might Krista be putting herself in danger?
    2. What “idea” might Krista have to report to Gavin’s father, Bill?
  2. In Phil Temples’ “They’re Here,” Wilbur’s sighting of the space-alien garbage man eating a cat is almost farcical. What is the story really about?

  3. In Thomas Wm. Hamilton’s “An Arkham Halloween”:

    1. Who is Joe Ahasver? And who is Val Tepes? By what other names are they known?
    2. Why does “Joe” Ahasver correct himself when speaking of Abdul al-Hazred?
    3. What literary allusions can you find in the story other than to H.P. Lovecraft?
    4. What makes the story a satire?
  4. In K. C. Gray’s “Primordial”:

    1. What does “He” turn out to be?
    2. Vampires can be slain by wooden stakes or sunlight; werewolves, by silver bullets; zombies, by uncooked pufferfish disguised as brains. How are bug-eyed monsters from outer space traditionally killed?
  5. In Iona Douglas’s “Response Transcript”:

    1. Why does Hannah Gill want to go to Wales rather than Scotland?
    2. What is Hannah trying to escape from, exactly?
  6. In Nicholas MacDonnell’s “The Eraser”:

    1. What event seems to trigger the Eraser’s compulsion to commit his crimes of deletion?
    2. Why might one expect the “Eraser” to move constantly from city to city?
    3. Is the Protector realistically able to forestall the Eraser’s continuing his spree? How might the Eraser be apprehended?
    4. How might people working in public spaces prevent random acts of vandalism? Aside from stealing or destroying computers, can the Eraser realistically delete text irrecoverably on today’s machines?

Responses welcome!

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