Bewildering Stories

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by Jerry Wright

I believe I'll write something here. So does Don. This constitutes belief. Hmmm.

Jerry. The Bottle Washer

Yas, I think, therefore I yam. I believe, therefore I may be. I channel, therefore I might have been. (Royalty only, pls: no servants or serfs.)

Picking up on a theme in your previous editorial, Ye Master, I have had a brilliant idea. Well, okay, a candle in a windstorm. I’ve sent out a mass mailing to my “jokes” list — sadly neglected these many months now — and advertised “Tanforan” and “White Kangaroo,” complete with hot links to the Readers’ Guides of issues 70 and 71. A copy went to the Babel mailing list, which has somewhat similar interests and is rather large. In short, a lot of people are going to have ready access to a couple of our best stories. I don’t think the advertising will bring us a “spike” in readership, but if it brings in some new authors, it’ll have paid off. Call it literary spam. Better to have taken a long shot than none at all.

Don (a.k.a. Igor, the bottle drinker)