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Living Standards

by Bill Kowaleski

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Part IV: Consolidation

Interlude 3

The destruction of the privileged class is a prerequisite to the success of any revolution. If the privileged are allowed to return to their lives of luxury, they will soon undo the hard work of the revolutionaries and, when they regain full control, which they surely will, they will ruthlessly murder all who participated.

It is best then to eliminate or at least drive out the privileged at the first opportunity. — Hayek Manifesto, Chapter 10

Brother Immanuel listened to the assemblage of High Priests with growing alarm. His Chalice had been stolen, but all of the other High Priests still had theirs, and now, as they all listened-in over their comms to the assemblage, they realized that something shocking had happened. The Authority had told them to destroy the Chalices, to record the event, and forward the video file to the Authority.

“How can we do this?” asked a High Priest from Texas. “We have been told to protect the Holy Chalice with our lives if necessary. Nowhere in the doctrine is there anything about destruction. We protect them until the time when they are finally liberated. This is the entire doctrine, nothing more.”

The discussion went on for over an hour and, in the end, they decided to use their voting apps. Six hundred twenty voted to obey the Authority, and three hundred thirty-two voted to disobey. Some of those intended to keep their Chalices in their refrigerators as before, but over a hundred decided that it would be best to hide them.

Brother Immanuel was pleased. He would have chosen to hide his Chalice, if he still had it. But since he didn’t, he realized his time as a High Priest was over. Now he would have to make his own way in Joliet Enclave.

Perhaps Kendrick Drake could help him. When Kendrick had come by to ask him about their secret society, he had made Brother Immanuel promise to let him know if there were any significant happenings, and this definitely seemed to qualify. He decided to go to UES and tell them what had been decided. Kendrick would surely be appreciative, and perhaps offer work to Brother Immanuel. He surely needed it.

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