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Emergent Properties

by Ronald Linson

The human brain is a complex system:
Hundreds of billions of neurons working in concert.
The soul may be a quantum manifestation,
And consciousness may be an emergent property.
We are as yet uncertain of the truth,
But its results define our humanity:
Intelligence, reason, and creativity
And, most important of all,

Consider then, other complex systems.

What of a galaxy?
Hundreds of billions of stars,
Trillions of planets and moons,
Does a galaxy think?
Its neural impulses may be gravitational,
With its thoughts taking ages to propagate.
And no doubt its soul is the combined brilliance of its suns,
The light of Creation itself.

We humans have created a complex system as well,
A network of computers billions strong,
Connected by wires and radio signals.
If it were to wake up,
Electrons and photons would be the medium of its thoughts,
And we humans would do well to hope
That compassion is one of its emergent properties.

Copyright © 2017 by Ronald Linson

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