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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 713

Rolling 13

  1. In Mark Leinwand’s “Target Unexpected,” could the killer be apprehended by some means other than magic?

  2. In Scott D. Coon’s “The Workforce Drive,” why is the asteroid mining platform destroyed? Why does Frank blame himself for Reg’s death?

  3. In Bill Prindle’s “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”:

    1. What do Bess and Mrs. Clements say to Michael that he finds rather strange?
    2. In Bess’s bedroom, what does Michael Walker see and experience that he considers particuarly odd? What might his observations lead readers to anticipate?
    3. In what ways does Michael take the point of view of both an 11-year old boy and an older, third-person narrator?
  4. In J. M. Williams’ “The Might of a Shaman”:

    1. Sharu does not know the word “love” but does know the word “avatar” in its religious sense. Might today’s meaning imply that Sharu is a character in a video game?
    2. How likely is it that Sharu and her people would have no concept of love in some form?
  5. In Gary Beck’s “Blasphemy”:

    1. What function words are omitted in the poem?
    2. To what extent was Einstein right to say that God does not play dice with the universe? At what level do random events occur?
  6. In Edward Ahern’s “Embers”:

    1. What is Jack’s and Carole’s relationship? What were their respective relationships with Pete?
    2. How do they feel about Pete? How does Janice feel about them?
    3. What function might the “obelisk” in the side garden of the church have in the story?
    4. How does Carole feel about visiting Pete’s grave? Why does she tell Jack, “That’s such a bad idea”?
    5. Carole asks Jack, “When would you want to do it?” He’s already told her. What does Carole seem to imply by the question?

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