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Challenge 712

Window Pains

  1. In Richard Ong’s “Ghostlover,” which person is the ghost and which is the lover? Either or both? How might a story portray such multiple points of view?

  2. In Crystalwizard’s “Mr. Cat,” how does the cat seem to feel about the presence of the window between himself and the starlings? How might the cat feel if his kibble dish moved seemingly with a mind of its own?

  3. In Bill Kowaleski’s “An Assassination and an Opportunity,” why does Carlo not check Teresa Walters’ body for vital signs?

  4. In K. A. Mansi’s “Luzvaminda,” does the sea creature move from Luzvaminda to Jun or does it split off, amoeba-like, and inhabit both? Which option seems more likely? What kinds of further stories might either option lead to?

  5. In Stuart North’s “Under the Shell”:

    1. Torgelik reanalyzes Qatil Brusa’s name as “Cattle Bruiser.” Aside from the humor, what does the deformation imply about both Torgelik and Qatil?
    2. What backstory is implied in Qatil Brusa’s history? Why is his character more plausible as an outlander than as a native of Zodom?

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