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Karin S. Heigl

Karin is a native of the Alpine foothills of Bavaria and now lives in Munich. She is a teacher of German and Icelandic as a second language. She is a linguist specializing in Germanic languages, including Old Norse and modern Icelandic. She is fluent in English, Icelandic and French. Her hobbies include mountain hiking and classical style fencing with sword and buckler. She is currently writing short stories and a dragon-fantasy novel.

The Crackling” is a very “interior” story in which the protagonist experiences displacment in a country that is apparently being invaded. The result is a long prose poem in which the narrator‘s feelings find a colorful depth of expression.

Karin S. Heigl’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Karin. We’re looking forward to your next title on the schedule!

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