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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 690 Response

Dead Ends

with Gary Clifton

1. Would Kravitz be concerned about being caught after murdering Wanda?

Based on long observation, a person bent on murder while in some stage of desperation considers just about anything except getting caught. I’ve said it before: criminals are stupid. That’s why the prisons are full.

An ex-cop who has already gotten away with murder would probably know to wrap the pistol in a pillow, shoot, rely on the noise being stifled somewhat and, in many instances, walk away free. That still doesn’t make him smart.

2. Would a police department view the arresting officers in a negative light?

Institutionalized bureaucracies — particularly law enforcement agencies — first tend to fort up, defend themselves and, if necessary, also defend an errant employee.

But the veneer is thin and, in Kravitz’ case, we would soon see the chief personally parade the offender, clad in white or orange jail coveralls, handcuffed behind and, perhaps in leg irons, before the news cameras and babble, “Lookie what I’ve got.”

Copyright © 2016 by Gary Clifton

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