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Astrology from Then to Now

by Deep Bora

The roots, concept and derivation of astrology are so unerringly accurate — and have always proved to be so in the past through countless centuries transgressing ages — that one begins to wonder whether the originators of this highly secret though widely accepted art pertaining to movement and influence of the stars or planets in relation to us humans, factually and actually resorted to mathematical calculations:

“Handed down over through the countless ages to the present day by our ancestors!”

In a single and abrupt sentence we may assure ourselves of the following factor: “Yes, it is truly so.”

No one really knows the existing conditions, then, which favoured commencement of astrology and its applicable sciences and developed by us humans upon Earth at a time perhaps when science did not exist. And mathematics also. There is no evidence pointing in correlation to the above factors and a highly debated subject and makes one wonder again.

“Were extraterrestrials involved in inculcating this wonderful knowledge of the stars and planets among our ancestors, then?” For it formed the core principles of advanced sciences and mathematics, and only aliens from deep, unchartered outer space would profess to be proficient in such matters. No one really knows.

Many a time one comes across people who may not believe in astrology whatsoever and who state their views upon the subject in no definite terms. However it may be pertinent to mention here without any offense to disbelievers of astrology, that Earth Science has yet not yet progressed to that particular stage where the total knowledge of planets in question is complete. Yet astrology describes events — verified today within limited knowledge procurement in comparison — accurately to the nth factor in the 20th century, say roughly 25 years ago to be nearer to conceivable time. We may ask for documented proof earlier to such years and it shall not be possible to gather enough evidence prior to 5 B.C. or even 3500 B.C. for that matter!

While one cannot enforce near-superstitious belief upon others, particularly the conceptuality of astrological influences upon an individual, it is a generally accepted factor since time immemorial that the solar pattern of nine planets and stars continue to influence one, irrespective of one’s belief in astrology.

You see... after all that is stated, the enormous might of nature manifested in the form of oceanic activity is reflected in the tides of Earth’s oceans, particularly at the beaches in the form of high and low tides.

It shall not be again pertinent to mention here that at the peak time of the full moon the high tide waves of oceans certainly correspond unwaveringly at scientifically and mathematically calculated “fixed times” throughout any given month, and these can be calculated for any year in advance.

This science of calculation of movements of planets in our solar system and their effects (particularly upon us humans) is termed Astrology. I would like to draw attention of readers scanning over the lines and paragraph of this article to the undermentioned fact. However distasteful it may be, this factor draws reference to lunatics or mentally insane persons.

“Mental imbalance of those afflicted by insanity is greatly affected by the waxing and waning phases of the moon, while full moon phase tends to draw out the worst in such persons.”

Conversely, moonlit nights are also termed as perfect for “long walks through rose gardens for those with a penchant for nightly vigils.”

* * *

While I do not profess to preach and teach religion, yet I would to state herein with utter solemnity and total Truthfulness that in the East — particularly amongst the Hindus and Tibetans — religion stresses fervently astrological traditions and almost every ceremony commencing from Birth to Death is minutely interlinked with astrological derivations and religious functions of “the different kind.”

As a matter of fact, even in the modern jet-set days of a post 2000 C.E. or millennium era, Hindus place foremost importance to the “Lagna” aspect in Birth and Marriage ceremonies. A Lagna is supposed to be the most auspicious time amongst all times between the transgressions of certain planets at particular wider-time durations. This “particular time belt” stretches in astrology from over an hour to less than six hours approximately, and auspicious rituals, prayers and chants are performed within those time limits for maximum derivation of conducive effects! Sacred Sanskrit slokas and Mantras are recited then by pundits and Hindu priests proficient in the knowledge of Sanskrit, perhaps the oldest language of the world.

You might say that Greek, Latin and Chinese are the oldest languages too! You may even term aboriginal dialects in Australia or the South Americas as the foremost in languages.


Slokas- Are holy chants which are either read, stated or delivered verbally without accompaniment of other external factors like musical instruments.

Mantras- Are slokas (or stanzas) or words of power!

This is a fact!

Original Sanskrit mantras, when repeated in the proper tone and accent over a period of required of time, produce within the utterer a form of power which only the person involved may adequately feel. None other is aware of the influences created for this is in correlation with astrological influences and the individual planetary chart of the person involved.

In all such instances, this power is totally related to Spiritual Power or — as one may term it — mind over matter. Or Metaphysical power or even Occult power for the Good only. I believe that ESP or extra sensory perception is involved to a great extent here. However, one must know how to pronounce such Mantras in the correct tones and accent or else there shall be not much advancement in Metaphysical Powers except a hoarse throat!

It is not known and neither are we aware of the beginning of a Hindu society or Religion and, in its wake, the development of Astrology. Carbon datings provide scant relevance or evidence to a society and ascendant population perhaps in excess of six thousand five hundred years ago, i.e. 4500 B.C. The fact remains that Hindu religion and society — intimately controlled and intermingled with astrology then — so much so that we may be prompted to ask:

“Is astrology really that old? Four and a half thousand years! By jove.”

* * *

Certain hard-based evidence exists within Astrologically controlled Hindu societies which shed light on the total proof of astrology and its presence as well as its influence, by no means a superstitious factor in today’s day of the Internet. We shall derive proof herein:

In India there are innumerable festivals round the year, as much as there are diverse cultures and states, languages with dialects.

I wish to draw your attention to two Astrologically derived festivals which are Holi, the festival of colours, and Divali, the festival of lights. There is no necessity to dwell upon the myths related to both festivals and I have stated earlier that this article does not have recourse into religion, which is brought into focus for its inseparable identity with astrology. Indeed Hindus in India claim astrology as their birthright among very many other factors.

Holi is inevitably heralded during late winter months and at a time when winter loses its pinch though the nights retain their chilly effect. Summer has not really dawned by the Holi date. Every year, Holi Divas or day is an astrologically derived and precalculated date. If one is careful and observant, one shall surely note without deviation that the days and nights immediately proceeding Holi Festival in India are actually strikingly warmer and lead to the warm summer days. As an example, we knew the date of Holi for 2003 way back in 1996 and that too, printed in yearly calendars.

Such an event has always happened in the past and shall continue into the future! Strangely, the festival of colours, Holi, does not occur on the same dates every year, rather the dates change considerably.

Conversely Divali, which is also a precalculated astrological dated event in India, is celebrated at different dates every year, and readings between any two identical dates indicating two Divalis over different years are purely coincidental and nothing else whatsoever. More strange is the following factor.

“The immediate days and nights following Divali directly lead to colder temperatures, heralding the onset of winter season.”

Such accurate astrological derivations from movements of the nine planets and star (the Sun) forming our solar system — unerringly leading to onset of summer and winter months over the centuries in the past and for the future — however provide us with scant clues of the commencement of astrology. Yet in India undoubtedly the land of Astrology, one is more or less assured of “formal dates” announcing two extremes of weather.

It shall not be unjustified therefore to stress upon the following factor:

“If one were to ask for the exact astrological data after which date summer commences in actuality and without climatic halts world wide; or for winter for that matter, for the next 1200 years. I mean one thousand two hundred years hence into the future and inevitably for each and every year in progression, I can unerringly provide you with those dates, which perhaps shall always vary except for the coincidences!”

In this function I shall not be doing anything out of the ordinary. One simply has to ask an astrologer to calculate those dates using any Hindu calendar or maybe, an ephemeris. It is as simple as that. In the post 2000 C.E. era, one has simply to feed relevant data and material into computers and derive such answers within record time. It is also an accepted form of evidence that computers are used for swifter astrological calculations.

Continuing further into such matters requiring explanation if you, the reader were to request me of further data, well... I can provide you with every (oncoming) summer and winter (heralding) date till the end of Time!

* * *

I now make a slight deviation from astrology yet retaining its astronomical calculations and inclusions; from accepted norms of conventional 2000 ages- to the future. Let us call it a breather.

I take you to 3.5 billion years ahead into time without the assistance of astrology.

I request your presence by thought, which is the fastest “thing” known to mankind till date. As an example, you may be thinking of the moon at the present time and you may revert your thoughts upon the sun the very next nanosecond! That is how fast the speed of thought is.

Deep into outer space — perhaps inconceivable to you as to very many others if this is not your subject and if, again, you have been coerced into this topic — our immediate and neighbouring Galaxy classified ‘Andromeda’ for all practical purposes exists very much like our own, called the “Milky Way.”

The black hole which is present at the centre of Andromeda is perhaps responsible for the following factor:

The entire galaxy is accelerating towards our own galaxy, the Milky Way. It is hurtling past partly chartered and mostly unchartered skies of the cosmos at a staggering speed of 4,500,000 miles per hour and headed directly towards us!

However, the light years determining distance between our galaxy and Andromeda places the other galaxy approximately 3.5 billion years away. This may therefore be comprehensive as speed of light and in more clearer terms as the lightyear distance between Andromeda and Milky Way, from one black hole to another, located in the centre of each galaxy.

Do you understand the consequences of an impending head-on collision which is slated way ahead into the future, at 3.5 billion plus 2003 C.E. approximately?

At a time when we shall be no longer alive and perhaps our great-great grandchildren shall have “graduated” to another world; 3.5 billion years is a very, very long time in progression. This neighbouring Galaxy shall enter into our Milky Way galaxy and the stars and planets shall collide with each other in a dizzy show of cosmic fires. Perhaps the supernovas or the black holes may even clash much later! It shall amount to a super massive head-on collision. Adding fuel to this unrealistic concept, consider the total stockpile of nuclear fissionable weapons upon Earth irrespective of the countries in possession of such nuclear bombs. Well, the sum total explosion of all such nuclear fissionable material upon Earth shall resemble a puny match stick lit in a dark windless night if compared to the holocaust that is scheduled 3.5 billion years later when Andromeda collides with the Milky way.

It is impossible to describe the supernova — a natural collision as trillions of matter collide and ignite — each matter again containing fissionable material again multiquadrillion times more. The sun is a perfect example here for millions of nuclear explosions occur within it and even the minutest explosion would perhaps be enough to wipe out our Earth. However, we are placed comfortably far away from the sun!

Then and only then, our Earth may be : either enveloped into cosmic flares and become totally annihilated, reduced into ashes within seconds, or thrown out of its regular orbit by those explosions, perhaps comfortingly, into another neighbouring galaxy existing somewhere in the universe.

Scientists dwell upon the thought, no matter how improbable it may be by present-day standards that our next and immediate neighbouring galaxy shall conveniently “auto-correct” Earth’s trajectory in space and provide it with the required orbital path to steer around another sun existing within the neighbouring galaxy.

Come; let us return to the present and to normal day times of the 2000 C.E. and to astrology.

* * *

A friend once asked of me, “Deep, do you really know mantras? Can you effectively recite them?”

“Yes! I surely know how to recite very many slokas and mantras effectively!”

“Are such mantras musical-sounding?”

“Yes, very much so, though on occasions I prefer Eagle and Hotel California, and... ”



“That rock band was famous in the late seventies! On the topic, can you forecast the future?”

“The future regarding? Relating to?”

“Health. Wealth. Occupation. Career. Adventure. Travelling. My eldest grandson’s probable future life and well... you know: the works!”

“I can with assistance of astrological charts predict every detail related to the points you have stated. Perhaps the computer data shall be quicker provided you input relevant data into it. In other words, astrological calculations can possibly do all that which you have asked of me.”

A Fact.

There are three factors to be considered astrologically from the moment of birth in an individual’s life from the moment one begins to breathe in life providing, proper oxygenated air.

One, the “Lagna” or the aspect caused by the planet rising in the eastern horizons at the very moment of birth. This is also termed the ascendant.

Two, the Moon sign or the planet which the Moon occupies at the time of birth; and, third, the Sun sign or the house of the Sun. This signifies the particular house which is occupied by the Sun at the time of the birth. All the three factors, Lagna, Moon sign and Sun sign provide direct and total access to an individual’s personality and future life. However this is not the sum total of astrology.

The Sun symbolizes a driving force: obviously the personality and character related to its house of occupation. The Moon symbolizes physical characteristics related to its house under occupation, and the all powerful “Lagna” characterizes the sum total of an individual. Therefore each accounts for roughly 33.33 percent of an individual’s physical and mental makeup. This is apart from hereditary and genetical factors that constitute a person.

There are further, the following planets.

Jupiter: The planet of expansion and cheer.

Mars: The planet of raw courage and energy.

Saturn: The planet symbolizing seriousness and even temperament.

Mercury, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

Each planet is peculiar in its influence upon life and the living and since we are upon the subject of humans and astrological influences, consider the following.

As the five fingers of the hand are not equal, so also are no two humans the same. Except for twins who may be similar not so much by astrological factors as by other factors which we do not dwell upon at this time. We may have come across dashing and courageous people and also shy and composed individuals. This is all a basic result of astrological influences prescheduled to influence a person at a certain fixed time in his or her life. Psychologists and others may tend to classify such behaviourial patterns likened to raw courage or shyness as initial social impact. That is also true to a great extent.

However, one has got to take the following matter as an astrological influence:

An Aries subject with Mars in Leo or Scorpio, and Moon in any of the favouring placements shall surely tend to be more outgoing than a subject with Mars in Pisces or Virgo, mainly because both signs are shy and less outrageous. Then there are other placements between lords of houses: squares, triangles formed by important planets upon an individual’s birth chart; the entire lot. The study by itself is so fascinating and revealing that one has to master the art, become a pundit at calculating influences of the stars and planets not only from the birth chart but also from progression charts of an adult life in comparison with the birth chart.

In the end I would like to highlight a minuscule of the innumerable favourable and unfavourable aspects of Mercury whilst calculating one’s personal charts. A strong aspect of Mercury provides for gain from friends and through them, publications, middlemen, authors and adventures. It also leads to household peace and successful business deals, general learning and fame.

Conversely, a weak aspect of Mercury shall lead to failure in negotiations, nervousness and tensions to name a very few negative points.

However that must not be a pointer to finalisation of calculations! There are deviations from a weak planet aspecting one’s charts. There are amulets, talismans, lucky charms and lucky numbers amongst various “remedies,” and these help overcome the evil or bad / weak aspects of a planet!

Copyright © 2003 by Deep Bora

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