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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 688

Artificial Unintelligence

  1. In Matthew Harrison’s “Josh,” how do the algorithm’s thought processes reflect those in Mark’s subconscious?

  2. In Shola Balogun’s “The Cathedral”:

    1. The “opulent landmark” has been “shifted” from a savannah to where?
    2. What is the signifcance of the mud walls?
  3. In Nicholas Froumis’ “Great-Grandpa’s Uniform,” the ending says: “[Ginny] was too busy enjoying the way her boys now looked at their great-grandfather to notice the growing hum of the still-warm jacket being wrapped around her.”

    1. What jacket? And who is wrapping it around her?
    2. What does the “growing hum” mean? Is somebody about to die, or will Ginny do some time-traveling of her own?
  4. In Pascal Inard’s “Bad Boy”:

    1. Why isn’t Geoffrey’s father suspected of murder?
    2. Why did Geoffrey keep hoping his mother would come back?
    3. Why has Geoffrey been selected to lead the expedition? Is he the most qualified?
    4. How did Geoffrey’s mother know when her task of terraforming the new planet was complete?
    5. Is Geoffrey’s mother justified in killing Geoffrey and the spaceship crew along with him? What might she have been like before she disappeared?

Responses welcome!

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