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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 687

MAMA Dearest

  1. In Gregg Dotoli’s “Is and Vision,” the poem enjoins the reader to discard the past. What are the consequences of amnesia?

  2. In Shola Balogun’s “I Did Not Take a Vow of Silence,” the poem expresses a great deal of anger and resentment. Against whom and what?

  3. In David Castlewitz’ “MAMA’s Boy,” the welcome message to the author says the story is charming. Why?

  4. In Bill Prindle’s “A Demonic Dilemma,” does Thomas Teufel have any friends in Hell?

  5. In Channie Greenberg’s “Dr. Laura Whitfield’s Dream of Recycling”:

    1. What does “recycling” refer to?
    2. List the reasons for which Dr. Whitfield might feel disappointed or disillusioned.

Responses welcome!

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