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Iridium-Poisoned Seeds

by Alan P. Garfoot

A corporate consensus dominates,
Of elitist corruption and greed and hate,
Urban decay which binds to your will to create,
Till you cease to function through fatal mistakes.

The asphyxiation and panic as the toxin kicks in,
Of a soul in suffocation submerging in sin,
Drowning in dynamics where it’s impossible to win,
Of the dark consecration which they now begin.

The media mind control of the masses through persuasion,
Consuming their superficial ideology of invasion,
Alienated to the truth through the mind control equation,
The media reinforcement of a politics of tactical evasion.

Enslavement to a system of competitive greed,
Based on their profit and not on social needs,
Decent of an asteroid poisoning a third of the seas,
The endangered human race and its iridium-poisoned seeds.

Copyright © 2016 by Alan P. Garfoot

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