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Songs to the Stringed Instruments

by Shola Balogun


It can be flowers...
scents of lavender.
There is sweet savour
of sweet spikenard
in your lips, my darling.

Your lips are tender
and pleasant
like boughs of figs,
wet with the dew
from the mountains.

The fair comeliness
of you,
turns my heart
into a field of roses.

The kiss of your lips
works miracles in me.
It can be flowers
I see beautiful
in your remarkable smiles.


It can be rainbow...
serene, graceful of forms.
Now let me fall asleep.

In my dream,
It is lovely
to look into
your eyes.
Your gaze is gentle
like melted ice
trickling into a brook.

Your eyelids
are like the tents
of shepherds,
In the pastureland
of Cush.

I think of you,
and the glow of your beauty
gladdens me more
than a vessel of brewed wine.

I can be rainbow
I see beauty
in your lovely eyes.

The rainbow I see
is the rainbow
of your eyes.


It can be wine...
spicery, pleasing to the heart.
The aroma of your words,
in sweetness, is to me
like the Israeli wine
from the Negev.

The thought of you
and of the irresistible beauty
of the brow of your eyes
and your shapely feet
unfurl the ocean waves
of luxuriant liquor in me!

Your voice is comely,
turning water into wine.

It can be wine
I see
engrossing me
in your grapevined lips.

Copyright © 2016 by Shola Balogun

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