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Challenge 682

Gimme a Break

  1. In Sean Mulroy’s “The Altar for Pan”: At what point does the reader learn that the boy has a name? Who is the first person to use it? Why might the revelation be delayed?

  2. In Rick Jankowski’s “You Deserve a Break Today”: At what point does Andy appear in the story? At what point does he disappear?

  3. In David Adès’ “Hole in One”: The poem creates a symbol, namely, a metaphor with an implied referent. What is it? The poem has baffled several readers. The first regular reader to explain the poem will be awarded a virtual medal.

  4. In Gary Clifton’s “Madman at the Gate”:

    1. Why do McBride and the ATF forces assume that the Jackals might react violently to the delivery of two arrest warrants?
    2. What does Skinny-Face say that makes it plausible that the Jackals would surrender “Bustass” and “Creeper Calvin”?
    3. In what ways does the story use dramatic irony?
  5. In Allie Dawson’s “The Logician and the Selkie”:

    1. How does the logician come to the magic forest?
    2. In what ways is the logician portrayed as incompetent? What is his function in the story?
    3. What is the significance of the logician’s overcoming the werewolf? What does the act mean to him?
    4. In the epilogue sequence, is the selkie really a student or is she only pretending to be one?

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