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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 680

Out Loud in Real Life

  1. In Ada Fetters’ “Ephemerids“:

    1. What is the function in the story of Derval’s grandfather, Jim Hudson? Why is he made a figure in the early history of football?
    2. In what ways does Derval experience “augmented reality”?
    3. Who lives in the Internet? Why are they called “Ephemerids”? What does the acronym “LOLOL” imply?
    4. What is the “amnesic horror”? How can it be controlled and overcome?
  2. In Andrew Sacks’ “Grandmaster Fearless,” how does Viktor Korchnoi’s personal history transcend the world of chess? What other sports figures, artists, etc. can you cite who have become victims of nationalism?

  3. In Stuart North’s “Root Causes: A Tale of Zodom”:

    1. Is Zodom governed by organized crime or is it merely corrupt?
    2. In what ways are Bandar’s stratagems comic?
    3. Is Bandar a crook or is he basically public-spirited?
  4. In Roger Pitcher’s “Your Humble Servants”:

    1. What if Earthlings learn how to mass-produce the Aliens’ air-conditioned “blankets”? How will the new technology affect manufacturing, clothing and habitats?
    2. What if Earthlings learn how to mass-produce the “flavor beads”? What occupations and industries will be affected?

    3. What if all animals eat the “beads” and become telepathic? Will the environment thrive or collapse?
  5. In M. C. Tuggle’s “Whisper Listing“:

    1. Does the real estate agent’s remaining outdoors and allowing Tad Dunlop to inspect the house alone enhance or diminish the credibility of the “ghost”?
    2. What is the function of the “horsefly” sound?
    3. Is the name “Tad Dunlop” a partial anagram?

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