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Dreams in Oikos Nannion

with Elous Telma

Just a quick note to say I found Martin Kerharo’s comments on Oikos Nannion very insightful (in issue 675). I thank him for the kind words!

He did make me think a bit about the source of Frank’s dream sequence. It is not from any dream of mine, as far as I can remember. It is all from daydreams; when I let my mind wander it sometimes goes to places like that. This requires that I be relaxed.

I was also very interested in his comment about “many situations and remarks that suggest doubt and insecurity.” You and I had discussed this a bit, and I had made a reference to the art of Jim Woodring; it is astute of Martin to have picked this up. I am not sure I had realized this myself, and I certainly did not do this consciously.

The best kind of feedback, I guess, is the kind that makes you think beyond just the novel!

I hope he will enjoy the remaining chapters. In the meantime, I am starting to “have fun with the story,” taking care of some aspects that can be improved, many based on your feedback, and hoping to get new ideas to add to it.

All the best,

Andreas (Elous Telma)

Copyright © July 25, 2016 by Elous Telma

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