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Challenge 675

Now Hear That

  1. In Elous Telma’s Oikos Nannion:

    1. What does the title Oikos Nannion mean? What words are formed from oikos in English?
    2. How does the mysterious organism seem to relate to other life forms? Is it favorable, inimical or neutral?
    3. At the end of chapter 22, are Nannion and the humanoid really Bast and Horus, respectively, or might they be mistaken for ancient Egyptian deities?
    4. In light opf Frank’s visions and the message “from the deep,” what does the story imply about the search for terrestrial — let alone extraterrestrial — intelligence?
  2. In Richard Ong’s interview, special questions: Rich, your intense interest in drawing, painting, photography and film prompts further questions:

    1. What are your all-time favourite feature films?
    2. What kind of short or full-length film would you like to make, given the resources?
    3. Might you be interested in illustrating other works at BwS? Everyone could suggest many, but I have one at the top of my list; it really calls for illustration. Interested?
  3. In Michael Weidman’s “My Stranger,” who is “she” in the third stanza?

  4. In Charlie Allison’s “Krish’s New Pet,” the story can be read as an allegory. At what point does the allegory cease and true fantasy begin?

  5. In Gary Clifton’s “Double Take,” how many characters have names? Are any not named? How many have speaking roles? Which remain “offstage”? How might the story be divided into episodes, with the police resolving the mystery in the final scene?

  6. In Daniel Tierney’s “An Imperial Decree”:

    1. What “Norwegian police procedural” might Sharla be reading? Why is it “Norwegian”? What purposes does it serve? If it were something else, would anything change significantly?
    2. What do the space aliens get out of their scam besides playing bizarre practical jokes?
    3. Why is Sharla’s non-response to the question “Is this you?” the only logical answer?
    4. What might the reader conclude is the best way to answer spam messages?
  7. In Edward Ahern’s “Boarders”:

    1. Who or what are the “boarders”: animals or people?
    2. “Surprising amount of room at the inn” is an oblique Biblical allusion. What might it mean? What is the “inn”? And “room” for whom or what?

Responses welcome!

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