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Challenge 674

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  1. In E. B. Fischadler’s “The Flyfisher,” when Dr. Frenchstone comes back, what questions might Mr. Harris ask him, aside from his age?

  2. In Joanna M. Weston’s “The Mouse Hole Ad”:

    1. What does the name “Haimah” mean, and in what language?
    2. What replaces the mouse hole?
    3. Why does Haimah take all of Kaly’s shoes, not just the orthopedic ones?
  3. In Nidhi Singh’s “The Carrot Is Mightier Than the Sword”:

    1. Can you suggest another title for the story?
    2. The story is replete with anachronisms. In what ways are they humorous?
    3. The narrative style features many rare words. What would be the effect if the narrative were written in “flat,” unembellished prose?
    4. The story is a classic fable with two exceptions: it is written in prose rather than verse, and there is no concluding moral. What might the moral be?
  4. In Charles C. Cole’s “The White-Faced Dog”:

    1. Lance is sensitive about growing bald. How bald is he, actually?
    2. Why does Lance shave off his beard after coming to the office?
    3. How severe is Lance’s visual impairment? Is it mild or might he be legally blind?
    4. In what way does Lance confess to reckless driving? What else will he be charged with?
    5. Why is it unlikely that Lance is anybody’s “friend”?
  5. In Alison McBain’s interview, the author says she would like illustrations, possibly with artist-author collaboration:

    1. Bewildering Stories, now in its 15th year, has a considerable amount of original artwork, and Michael E. Lloyd has listed it in a special index. What short stories or serials would you like to see illustrated in the issues published so far this year? What artists would you recommend?
    2. What other works, particularly novels, would you like to see illustrated, and by whom? (N.B. This is only partly a trick question.)

    Responses welcome!

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