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A Rose by Any Other Name

by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith

I understand they need a name
For something cold and far away.
At last a chance to earn my fame,
At last a chance to have my say.

Some names will live. As these remain
Like Halley's Comet, like Chamber's Pot,
The Gatling gun, the Crackers Graham
Remembrance full, never forgot.

Through history, as naming goes
For objects celestial or bland
The titles given, the words wise chose
Will last till time runs out of sand.

So I like them; hope I'm remembered
If just for a fleeting name bestowed
On something new in space encountered
So far away. I've just been told

Names nowadays are written thus
With numbers/letters intertwined:
Channel Naught 5, Porsche 911, 3M and 7-Up.

What must they name their newest find?
The answer stares them in the face
Plan 9. Plan 9 from outer space.

Copyright © 2016 by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith

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