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Bewildering Stories welcomes...

Steven Francis Murphy

Bewildering Stories is glad to extend a long-overdue official welcome to a well-known contributor, Steven Francis Murphy. Steven seems to go by a number of names: Steven, S. F. Murphy, Steven F. Murphy, etc. But there’s no mistaking his refreshing, straightforward writing style.

Now that we can direct you to Steven’s Bewildering bio, you’ll see that he has quite a varied background; it may seem like a long way from a soldier’s life to advanced studies in history, but Steven’s strong point is in tying it all together with reflective consideration: what does it all mean, and who is he in all this. His postings to the Asimov’s forum show us a kind of practical philosophy that’s both optimistic and realistic. That’s what makes him an intellectual live wire and a natural life of the party.

Steven has sent us three reviews:

And two short stories:

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Steven. Please return early and often!

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