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Bewildering Challenge 66

NewB, “Bling Bling”

NewB issues Bewildering readers another formal challenge, two scenes from a short story with the rest of the story missing. Basically it boils down to: “What the heck happened?!” Or: “How did they get into that fix, anyway?” And: “How does it end?” You’re not expected to write the missing parts of the story: just send us scenarios, outlines, comments, or related ideas; that is, responses in any form you like.

“...a good idea,” Bill said, gesturing at the T-shirt Kevin had just pulled over his head.

“Why not?”

“You may feel more comfortable wearing clothes, but the Torathians will be offended if you go to a diplomatic meeting wearing them. They consider all garments, however flimsy, to be armor.”

“Which means,” Kevin said, “they’ll think I don’t trust them.”

“Exactly. And the last thing we need is another misunderstanding. We were lucky to get this meeting arranged after what Percy pulled.”

Kevin contemplated the situation. Suddenly he perked up. “Y’know, I’m looking forward to this meeting now. I’ve been hoping to see Lana naked for a long time.”

Bill grinned. “I’m sure this isn’t the setting you had in mind.”

“Yeah, the Torathians will pr...”

(2810 words)

...pressed up against his bruised ribs and useless arm, making him wince. “I think I’d be enjoying this more under different circumstances.”

“Always the joker,” Lana said, twisting awkwardly in the tiny confines. “Circumstances being what they are, I guess we don’t have much choice.” She leaned forward over him for leverage, her breast brushing the side of his face. She pried at the glass cover with her fingernails.

“Got it?”

“Not yet.”


A loud clanging commenced at the steel door. Lana gave up prying and rapped on the glass with her ringed finger, wondering which would shatter first -- the gemstone or the cover. The cover shattered on the second try, exposing the little blue button. She positioned her finger over it and shifted backwards, her face filling Kevin’s field of view.

She kissed him, and pressed the button.

Copyright © 2003 by NewB

I have a really Bewildering response to this one. It occurred to me as I was wending my way through my backyard flower jungle. The flowers have grown to science-fiction proportions this year, undoubtedly because they’ve been sopping up the excess carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere. What new, mutant beasties might emerge, swinging between the wild-daisy and evening-primrose trees? But I’m saving it for issue 67. We want to hear from our readers, first!

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