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B. Z. Niditch, Everything, Everywhere


Everything, Everywhere
Author: B. Z. Niditch
Publisher: Penhead Press; July 1, 2015
Length: 126 pages
ISBN: 0988793857'; 978-0988793859

Inspired by mangroves
of intertwined mesh dreams
clothing your sleep
on your unmarked door
lost to easy streets
making your universe
out of stone hedges
in the underground art scene
(where rivers of rock
move from the pack iced sea
and indigo bars
of axletrees on wheels)
informing your cosmic dust
of imagination’s inspection
you carve a preoccupation
for dazzling headless beauty
in sunshine’s paradigm
now living in a lost
nature of shadows
of three dimensional sculpture
whose only presence
are unfinished heliotropes
broken in for art’s sake.

Copyright © 2016 by B. Z. Niditch

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